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The Staubitz Archives is housed in the Hedberg Library. The Archives collects and preserves the records and artifacts of Carthage College, both physically and digitally. This digital community contains the digital archival collections of the Staubitz Archives, including historical documents, photographs, and College records.

This collection is designed to provide access to images and audio visual materials from the Staubitz Archives.

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  • Getting Lost In Grace: A Music Senior Thesis In Vocal Performance 

    Pfister, Lianna (2022)
    I am a double major in music theater and vocal performance. While I will be doing some theatrical works, this recital will be my thesis project for my vocal performance degree. I will be presenting pieces in Italian, German, ...
  • Senior Violin Recital: A Music Senior Thesis (MUS 4990) 

    Khaligian, Azniv (2022-05-05)
    This thesis documentation is submitted in partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of Arts in Music from Carthage College, to accompany a violin performance project recital given on April 3rd, 2022. This project was selected ...
  • A Senior Performance Recital 

    Dowell, William (2022-04-19)
    As a music major with an emphasis on instrumental performance, it is of the utmost importance that this senior thesis represents a culmination of the various abilities necessary in presenting music to the community. As ...
  • Senior Organ Recital - A Music Senior Thesis in Instrumental Performance 

    Boren, Ryan (2022)
    I, Ryan Boren, a music major with an instrumental performance emphasis (organ), propose the completion of my senior thesis by means of a full recital. This thesis will include a research component with the production of ...
  • Caroline Lilly Senior Trumpet Recital Documentation: "It's Not Goodbye" 

    Lilly, Caroline (Caroline Lilly, 2022-05-16)
    As a capstone to my musical education at Carthage, I will perform a senior recital featuring music that will challenge my technique and lyricism. With composers ranging from J. Ed Barat to Cody Fry, I will attempt to ...
  • "Being Alive": A Senior Recital Thesis 

    Seabright, Katrina (2022)
    This recital showcases the skills and knowledge I have accumulated over the past four years of my studies in the Carthage College Vocal Performance program. The goals set publicly tested my abilities via performances and ...
  • A Music Senior Thesis in Vocal Performance: Statues and Stories, A Senior Recital Presented by London A. Roysden 

    Roysden, London (2022)
    As the culminating project for the last three and a half years of vocal study, I will present my senior recital on Saturday, November 13th. This recital will feature works by major composers that represent multiple languages ...
  • Senior Voice Recital by Nathan Takahashi 

    Takahashi, Nathan (2022)
    My senior thesis will be completed through an hour-long solo performance, capped with a thirty-minute song cycle that is a culmination of two years’ worth of preparation. I will venture through the works of Charles Gounod, ...
  • Little Women: A Music Senior Thesis 

    Skowronski, Rachel (2022)
    My name is Rachel Skowronski, and I have been given the opportunity to portray the role of Marmee in Little Women, directed by Sophie Michalski for my capstone Music Theatre senior project. Little Women is the musical ...
  • Meyer Musical Theatre Thesis 

    Meyer, Tyler (Carthage College, 2021)
    My name is Tyler Meyer and I am a senior Music: Musical Theater and Marketing double major. As a capstone to my Musical Theater education at Carthage College I will be portraying Steven Kodaly in She Loves Me by Jerry ...
  • Crisis Communication in Theatre 

    Gatz, Zoë (Carthage College, 2021-12-15)
    Theatre is known for being an artform that reflects the brutal truths about society, but what happens when society reflects the brutal truth of what is happening inside of those theatres? What is a theatre supposed to do ...
  • Declassified 

    H.F. Johnson Gallery of Art (2021-10-28)
  • Natural History 

    H.F. Johnson Gallery of Art (2021-09-16)
  • Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin: A Self-Portrait? 

    Serena, Jamie (2021)
    As an artistic genius, Tchaikovsky poured forth his internalizations and musings on his external situation in the only way he could, through art. In his opera, this comes forth in the way he reflects his personality, talent, ...
  • Music Senior Thesis Portfolio 

    DesRochers, Abbey (2021)
  • Intro to Business BUS 1110-04 Course Syllabus Fall 2021 

    Bennett, Stephanie (Stephanie Bennett, 2021-09-03)
  • The Culmination of Everything - A Senior Thesis Project 

    Benson, Eric (2021)
    The purpose of this senior thesis and supplemental recital is to fulfill the thesis requirement of a B.A. in Music. The supplemental recital is split into 3 segments of winds, strings, and then winds again, with the pipe ...
  • Someone You’d Be Proud Of: Senior Vocal Recital 

    Hanson-Cook, Rhetta (2021)
    I will perform a full vocal recital on Thursday, April 15th at 8 PM in the Carthage Recital Hall for my senior thesis. This is the best senior thesis for me because it encompases all the skills that I have learned throughout ...

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