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dc.description.abstractDrawing A drawing depicting several figures beside a river. To the left of the piece, a camel bends down to drink from the riverm while a woman tends to a seated man, and another man leads a camel behind them. To the right of the piece is another man carefully balancing a jug on his head, while two other men, one wearing a turban, sit by a tree while a veiled attendant fans them. Behind all of the figures is a tent with a camel sitting beside it. The drawing comes from the children's book, Abdul, written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells. 13.5" x 9.5" Artist: Rosemary Wells Donor: Tom and Pat Van Alyea Hedberg Library 1st Floor, Curriculum Collectionen
dc.subjectChildren's Booksen
dc.titleUntitled No. 3en

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