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    • Unknown 

      Unknown (2019)
    • Untitled 

      Johnson, Jawaune (2019)
    • Untitled No. 1 

      Wood, Don (2017)
      Oil Painting A painting depicting several children on top of a table covered with cloths and fabric. To the right of the piece, one child sits while gobbling up a honey-like substance by a pile of fabric partially covered ...
    • Untitled No. 1 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Collage A collage composed of several pieces of printed paper, with black designs over light brown paper fitted together to create a larger shape. With all the assembled pieces together, the shape appears to resemble a ...
    • Untitled No. 10 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Quilt A quilt depicting several objects and scenes within twenty four fabric squares. Among these scenes and objects include floral motifs, human hands, a fabric girl standing in a field, a snowman, a sailboat cresting ...
    • Untitled No. 2 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Sculpture A sculpture depicting a small child with butterfly wings sitting atop a small pillar. The angel has their legs crossed to balance the book they are reading . On the pillar itself is a small plaque, with the ...
    • Untitled No. 3 

      Unknown author (1989)
      Drawing A drawing depicting several figures beside a river. To the left of the piece, a camel bends down to drink from the riverm while a woman tends to a seated man, and another man leads a camel behind them. To the ...
    • Untitled No. 4 

      Carle, Eric (1979)
      Collage A collage depicting a large hairy yak standing upon a grey ground with a background speckled with turquoise and green splotches of paint. The collage comes from an illustration in Eric Carle's Animals ...
    • Untitled No. 5 

      Aldaenah (1980)
      Painting An abstract painting depicting two women appearing to be offering fruit, bread, and fish. The women and the food are portraye in multiple planes of overlapping colors. 30 (5/8)" x 33" Artist: Aldaenah Donor: ...
    • Untitled No. 6 

      Unknown author (2006-05-19)
      Sculpture A sculpture depicting President Abraham Lincoln speaking to John Hayes, who is seated before him and holds a writing utensil and a book in his right hand. It is a replica of the statue of Lincoln and Hayes ...
    • Untitled No. 7 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Sculpture A figure of a young Japanese woman with porcelain-white skin. She has long hair, wears a long, ornate kimono, and dantily holds a small red staff in her right hand. Dimensions: N/A Artist: Unknown Donor: ...
    • Untitled No. 8 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Drawing A drawing depicting a lighthouse sitting near several large boulders. In the distance, a sailboat can be see in the water, with clouds accumulating in the sky. Dimensions: N/A Artist: Unknown Donor: ...
    • Untitled No. 9 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Drawing A drawing depicting a boat sailing on a body of water. The wind is implied to be blowing hard, due to the boat's sails buffeting towards the left side of the piece. Dimensions: N/A Artist: Unknown Donor: ...