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  • Newly Recognized QSO/Galaxy Pairs at Small Impact Parameters for Low Redshift Galaxies 

    Quashnock, Jean; Kuttruff, Seth (2011-02-08)
    A search for emission lines in foreground galaxies, in QSO spectra (zgal << zQSO) of the SDSS data release 5, reveals 21 examples of QSOs shining through low redshift, foreground galaxies at low impact parameters (<10 kpc). ...
  • The Young’s Modulus of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes 

    Vodnik, Douglas; Crosby, Kevin (2011-02-08)
    Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were discovered in 1952, but their exciting properties have been brought to the attention of the scientific community only recently. CNTs, which can be thought of as rolled up sheets of graphene, ...
  • Band Gap Modulation in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes 

    Chase, Brittany; Crosby, Kevin (2011-02-08)
    Carbon nanotube (CNT) structures represent a recently discovered (1991) phase of carbon. The CNT structure is best described as a single graphene sheet rolled into a seamless tube. They can be classified into three ...
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of a Cyclone Separator 

    Frye, Bradley; Crosby, Kevin (2011-02-08)
    Air cyclones are a promising technology for first stage air filtration in future lunar habitats where lunar dust mitigation is a mission critical concern. Our experimental work with cyclones in microgravity as part of ...
  • Repose Behavior of Lunar Regolith Simulants 

    Fritz, isa; Crosby, Kevin (2011-02-08)
  • Disappearance and Resurgence of Jupiter’s Southern Equatorial Band 

    Shinnick, Eric; Arion, Douglas (2011-02-08)
    Galileo’s first look at Jupiter through a telescope sparked his evidence that our solar system was heliocentric. Since then the observation of Jupiter has become incredibly widespread and frequent. Our initial goal was ...
  • Webcam Observation of Saturn's C-Ring 

    Brodie, Ian; Arion, Douglas (2011-02-08)
    Changes in the rings of Saturn are difficult to detect from Earth-based telescopes because of their fine composition. Particulate bodies, like planetary rings, demonstrate strange phenomena without obvious causes and are ...
  • Validation of Propellant Dynamics Model 

    Schultz, Kimberly; Bakkum, Amber; Crosby, Kevin (2011-02-08)
    n fluid dynamics, slosh refers to the movement of liquid inside a hollow object. We examine these dynamics in a scale-model of the Orion Service Module (SM) down-stream hydrazine propellant tank. The SM is a component of ...
  • Carbon NanoTube SMD Script File 

    Vodnik, Douglas (2010-08-17)
  • Measurements of the Collection Efficiency of an Air Cyclone in Lunar Gravity 

    Crosby, Kevin; Agui, Juan; Pennington, Caitlin; Sorensen, Emily; Martin, Erin; Fritz, Isa; Frye, Bradley (Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, 2009-03-15)
    We report experimental results on the collection efficiency of an air cyclone operating with a lunar dust simulant under lunar gravity. Microgravity collection efficiency is, to within experimental uncertainty, not different ...