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    • Sums of Reciprocals of Fibonacci Numbers 

      Dobrowolski, April (2017)
      Though there are many proofs, this paper gives direct proofs of well-known formulas for sums of reciprocals of Fibonacci numbers.
    • An Analysis of Probability Through the Medium of Games 

      Hostetler, Bradyn (2017)
      By looking at the board game Rack-O, it is apparent that chance plays a large part in possibly winning the game. The work of this thesis is to derive probabilities of winning according to the game rules quickly and easily, ...
    • On The Non-kth Elements of a Group 

      Grimes, Brett (2017)
      In Abstract Algebra, raising an element to a certain power can provide insight on various properties of both the element itself and the group it is a part of. This thesis is interested in the number of elements of a ...
    • Solving the Schrodinger Equation for Infinite Potential Wells 

      Janke, Stephen (2017)
      We solve the Schrodinger equation, after a brief introduction to quantum mechanics, for systems where we have zero potential energy within a given region, and infinite potential energy elsewhere. First, square wells ...
    • Automorphism Groups of Cayley Graphs 

      Lato, Sabrina (2017)
      In this paper, we develop ideas in algebraic graph theory to look at the Cayley graphs of groups, and the automorphism groups of graphs. A Cayley graph can be defined using a group and a set; for a given group, a ...
    • The Double Exposure SI Model: A Senior Thesis 

      Stapf, Kerry (2017-05-31)
      The SI model of disease spread is a fairly simple and well-known way to study disease. In the model, each person is either susceptible or infected, and the infection spreads when a susceptible person interacts with an ...
    • Determination of Two-Dimensional Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Equations 

      Merritt, Mike (2017-05-31)
      The Navier-Stokes Equations describe the motion of a viscous fluid. Although they have a wide range of practical uses, finding an analytical solution is nearly impossible, except for under certain simplifications. We ...
    • The Impact of Graph Density and Infection Probability on Disease Spread in Temporal Networks 

      Northrup, Catherine (2017-05-31)
      Epidemiological processes, such as the spread of a disease through a population, can be represented in a simple way by applying SI dynamics to temporal networks. The spreading behavior is observed by running simulations ...
    • Mathematical Representation of the Chlorine Dioxide-Iodine-Malonic Acid Reaction 

      Rutter, Elisabeth (2017-05-31)
      Mathematics is frequently used in chemistry to solve several different types of problems including thermodynamics, stoichiometry, and analyzing experimental data. However, there are more interesting ways to link these two ...
    • Zero-Divisor Graphs of Direct Product Rings 

      Salzman, Emily (2017-05-31)
      This research investigates zero-divisor graphs of direct product rings. In zero-divisor graphs, if elements are connected with an edge, they will multiply to the additive identity element of direct product rings, (0,0). ...