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    • On The Non-kth Elements of a Group 

      Grimes, Brett (2017)
      In Abstract Algebra, raising an element to a certain power can provide insight on various properties of both the element itself and the group it is a part of. This thesis is interested in the number of elements of a ...
    • Solving the Schrodinger Equation for Infinite Potential Wells 

      Janke, Stephen (2017)
      We solve the Schrodinger equation, after a brief introduction to quantum mechanics, for systems where we have zero potential energy within a given region, and infinite potential energy elsewhere. First, square wells ...
    • Sums of Reciprocals of Fibonacci Numbers 

      Dobrowolski, April (2017)
      Though there are many proofs, this paper gives direct proofs of well-known formulas for sums of reciprocals of Fibonacci numbers.
    • Zero-Divisor Graphs of Direct Product Rings 

      Salzman, Emily (2017-05-31)
      This research investigates zero-divisor graphs of direct product rings. In zero-divisor graphs, if elements are connected with an edge, they will multiply to the additive identity element of direct product rings, (0,0). ...