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    • An Analysis of High Deductible and Low Deductible Insurance Plans 

      Prasnikar, Angela (2014-09-18)
      In this study, we analyze two health insurance plans, a high deductible and low deductible plan. We determine which plan is more cost effective for both an individual and a four-person family. This study considers various ...
    • An Application of Differential Equations to Political Partisanship 

      Miller, Alyssa (2014-09-18)
      The current political climate suggests an overarching decrease in political partisanship in the United States. In order to test this theory, we will consider a differential equations model suited for two-group competition ...
    • Decay Rates of Native and Invasive Tree Species Leaves in Aquatic and Terrestrial Sites 

      Stumpfoll, Kelly Ann (2014-09-18)
      In this study, we look at the decay rates of native and invasive tree species leaves in aquatic and terrestrial environments. We also determine if invasive tree species leaves influence the decay rates of native tree species ...
    • Dynamical Systems and Circle Maps 

      Metallo, Steven (2014-09-18)
      Dynamics is a branch of mathematics that studies how systems change with time, and this can be done using function iteration or di erential equations. Our focus is on the dynamics of the circle map function, fn(x) = nx ...
    • The Effectiveness of Blended Learning 

      DeLisle, Katie (2014-09-18)
      District of Columbia Public Schools, a school district aiming to improve proficiency rates by 2017, is experimenting with a new teaching technique called blended learning. Proficiency rates from 2008-2012 of 3rd and ...
    • Factoring 2x2 Matrices with Determinant of ±1 and Integer Elements 

      Altfillisch, Ryan (2014-09-18)
      We prove that all 2x2 matrices, as long as they meet our specifications, have a dominant column in absolute value and can be factored to a product involving three specific matrices.
    • Using Markov Chains to Analyze Volleyball Matches 

      Carrothers, Joe (2014-09-18)
      In this study we examine how to model a volleyball match with the use of Markov chains and a computer program. We then use this model to examine the importance of different aspects of the game.