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    • Scaling and Modeling of Propellant Sloshing and Zero Gravity Equilibrium for the Orion Service Module Propellant Tanks 

      Kreppel, Samantha (2010-06-11)
      A scaled model of the downstream Orion service module propellant tank was constructed to assess the propellant dynamics under reduced and zero-gravity conditions. Flight and ground data from the experiment is currently ...
    • School District Effectiveness and Voter Turnout: Is There a Relationship? 

      Beckman, Russell (2020)
      This study found a significant positive correlation between the rate of voter turnout for both the Wisconsin 2016 presidential election and 2018 Wisconsin general election in 82 randomly selected Wisconsin school districts ...
    • Sea Level Rise Projection for 2100: Florida 

      Cromwell, Kai (2018-12)
      Since 1900, global sea levels have risen between roughly 13 and 20 centimeters, and most research suggests that sea levels will continue to rise, but for how long and at rate is unknown. As a result, many sea level rise ...
    • Second Language Acquisition and Effective Communication 

      Bazin, Celine (2016)
      The purpose of this study was to find efficient ways to help students improve their French pronunciation within a communication-oriented language classroom. As far as second language acquisition and comprehensible output ...
    • Selecting Children's Literature for an English Curriculum Using Junior High English XI 

      Sun, Lin (2006)
      This study selected children's literature for an English language curriculum, using the English textbook Junior High English. The study was based on the urban Chinese English curriculum outlines. This study integrated ...
    • A Self-Assessment Questionnaire to Measure Dreamer Personality Traits 

      Pierce, Tamara (2001)
      In 1996, Drs. Dana Scott Spears and Ron L. Braund wrote a book entitled, Strong Willed Child or Dreamer? In it, they described a particular personality type in children that is often misunderstood and mistaken for ...
    • Self-titled 

      Demske, Nick (2006)
      Poetry chapbook
    • Senior High School Students' Perceptions Related to Pregnancy and Parenting 

      Rizzotto, Joanna (2002)
      The purpose of this study was to survey senior high school students to determine their knowledge about sex education, pregnancy, and parenting. Current trends in adolescent pregnancy and parenting raise concerns for ...
    • Senior Organ Recital - A Music Senior Thesis in Instrumental Performance 

      Boren, Ryan (2022)
      I, Ryan Boren, a music major with an instrumental performance emphasis (organ), propose the completion of my senior thesis by means of a full recital. This thesis will include a research component with the production of ...
    • A Senior Performance Recital 

      Dowell, William (2022-04-19)
      As a music major with an emphasis on instrumental performance, it is of the utmost importance that this senior thesis represents a culmination of the various abilities necessary in presenting music to the community. As ...
    • A Senior Recital by Cody Schreer 

      Schreer, Cody (2020)
      The thesis will be an hour performance showcasing the cumulative technical, creative, and musical skills I have gained over my four years at Carthage as well as program notes detailing the music being performed. My ...
    • A Senior Recital by Cory Pollard 

      Pollard, Cory (2020-05-21)
      This is a compilation of documents I completed in pursuit of my Bachelor's Degree in Music.
    • Senior Violin Recital: A Music Senior Thesis (MUS 4990) 

      Khaligian, Azniv (2022-05-05)
      This thesis documentation is submitted in partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of Arts in Music from Carthage College, to accompany a violin performance project recital given on April 3rd, 2022. This project was selected ...
    • Senior Voice Recital by Nathan Takahashi 

      Takahashi, Nathan (2022)
      My senior thesis will be completed through an hour-long solo performance, capped with a thirty-minute song cycle that is a culmination of two years’ worth of preparation. I will venture through the works of Charles Gounod, ...
    • Senior Voice Recital Portfolio 

      Taylor, Morgan (2021)
      This Senior Thesis Project will be in the form of a full recital. My majors are Music Education and Vocal Performance. My focus of this recital is to branch out in terms of repertoire since I have given two other recitals ...
    • Sexist Language and Spanish Foreign Language Textbooks 

      Hita, Cristina (2003)
      Linguists have always studied the relationship that exists between language, reality, and society. However, research on feminist linguistics has usually been nonexistent until the "second wave" movement in the late 1960s. ...
    • Sexual Assault Patterns in the State of Wisconsin 

      Stallman, Robert (1999)
      This study identifies correlational relations in 13 years (1985 - 1997) of sexual assault data drawn from the State of Wisconsin, Racine, and Kenosha Counties. Data from 1994 to the present indicates significant decline ...
    • Shelter allocation of the Invasive Species Orconectes rusticus (Rusty Crayfish) 

      Bushell, Andrew (2014-09-26)
      Crayfish are a very destructive organism when they get introduce to an area or ecosystem they are not native to. In this paper and experiment I studied the intraspecific competition of the invasive species Orconectes ...
    • Shoreline Erosion of Lake Michigan at Carthage College 

      Mekash, Kevin (2005)
      The study was to examine the shoreline of Lake Michigan at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The purpose of this study was to determine if rip rap that's located along the shore helps preventing erosion. The ...