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    • Hug Me 

      Carthage College Art Collection (2017)
      Installation Red plastic strips hung from the ceiling by thin, transparent string; the red strips are twisted and connected together with red wire, and form the words: "Hug Me" with the word "Me" hanging underneath the ...
    • I can Change 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Ulmer, Bruce (2008-01-14)
      Digital print An abstract digital print partially depicting the Chicago skyline, a few dry weeds in the right hand corner, the words “Lord knows” at the bottom, and a simplified, abstracted face represented with minimal ...
    • I should be less destructive 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Ulmer, Bryce (2008)
      Digital Print A print depicting a large pink flower, a pink and black patterning over three digitally abstracted cityscapes. 27 (3/8)" x 23 (3/8)" Printed by: Bryce Ulmer Donated by: Bryce Ulmer, Alumni ...
    • Is it Real? 

      Northway, Milton A.; Carthage College Art Collection (1972)
      Silkscreen Print A black-and-white print depicting a motorized vehicle with several components. Some parts appear fantastical, while other parts resemble tanks and automobiles. Along with pipes and chimneys, the vehicle ...
    • Jon 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Becker, Sarah (2013)
      Photograph Photograph of a young boy dressed in a camoflage shirt and a matching hat, staring down through the barrel of a rifle. He stands near the edge of a field, with trees in the background. 26 (7/8)" x 20 ...
    • Kalle 

      Cline, Linda J.; Carthage College Art Collection (1981)
    • Ken in '79 

      Keith B.W.; Carthage College Art Collection (1979)
      Collograph Relief Print A colored print of a man with a moustache, short brown hair and a brown shirt. 11 (5/8)" x 15" Printed by: Kieth B. W. Donated by: Kieth B. W. Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room ...
    • Making an Incomplete a Complete 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Davis, Jim (1983)
      Print An abstract print depicting a diamond with red and blue borders, a light pink center, two bands of color, one green and one blue, making a cross shape inside the diamond. They are overlaid with an orange circle. 11 ...
    • Memories 

      Feldker, Zachary; Carthage College Art Collection (2014)
    • Milwaukee Lights 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Stocke, David (1983)
    • Mommy, Mommy, Look What I Found 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Chizzo, Sarah (1984)
    • Monoprint 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Diver, K. (1993)
    • Musing 

      Karras, Karena; Carthage College Art Collection (2009)
    • My First 

      Orlean, Chris; Carthage College Art Collection (1984)
    • Narcolepsy 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Dobersh, Lane (1993)
    • OP Tree (Ocean Pacific) 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Gallard, Candy (1984)
    • Playschool 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Kaminski, Linda (1985)