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    • After Sex 

      Krow, David I. (1988)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a nude woman sitting up in a bed. She leans against her thighs, stretching her legs and arms out as she rests her chin on her shoulder. Her body is partially obscured by one of the ...
    • B.L.G. 

      Slade, Ronald; Carthage College Art Collection (1993-05)
    • Bang Your Head 

      Parris, Scott (1984-04-11)
    • Barbarian 

      Desun, Joe (1977)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a barbarian walking out of a cave, gazing out over a large ravine at other cavemen in the distance and winged creatures flying overhead. 17 (1/4)" x 12 (7/8)" Printed by: Joe ...
    • Basketball Men 

      Pannell, Tanya (1985)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting three young men playing basketball in an outdoor basketball court near a large warehouse. 10 (3/4)" x 12" Printed by: Tanya Pannell Donated by: Tanya Pannell Johnson Arts ...
    • The Beauty of Nature 

      Oliers, Scot James (1978)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting several animals, including geese, a buck, and a bear within a field, with mountains and trees in the distance. Depicted in the upper left corner of the piece, is a hunter with his gun ...
    • Beckles 

      Straff, MaryAnne (1988)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting the face of a smiling girl. The girl looks directly at the viewer, and her face takes up nearly the entire frame of the piece. The girl has long, dark hair with three curled bangs. 10 ...
    • Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered - August Heat Wave 

      Aubin, Barbara; Carthage College Art Collection (1980)
    • Bill Gates 

      Hup (2017)
      Silkscreen Print A print depicting Bill Gates, wearing glasses and a suit and tie. He is represented in the colors of the Microsoft logo, in red, green, yellow, and blue ink. 12" x 14" Printed by: Hup Donated ...
    • Birds of Paradise (Revised) 

      Tuft, T.N.; Carthage College Art Collection (1978)
    • Blue Crooks 

      Pannell (1985)
    • Blue Self-Portrait 

      Crawford, Terrance; Carthage College Art Collection (2007)
    • Bonjour 

      Mejner, Jayne; Carthage College Art Collection (1984)
    • Boots 

      Colicki, Kathy (1979)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting two boots, with their shafts drooping over to the side. 17.5" x 19.5" Printed by: Kathy Colicki Donated by: Kathy Colicki Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room 229 [Teaching ...
    • Bostonian 

      Mocek, B. (1977)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting two men. The first man is shown in a profile view; he is an older man, with white hair, and wears a coat, a sweater, a hat, and smokes a pipe. The second man has his back turned to the ...
    • Brave Warrior 

      Unknown author (1981)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a warrior riding atop a white horse. The horse rears back on its hind legs while the warrior holds a shield and brandishes a sword in front of a snarling dragon. The figures are depicted ...
    • Broken Hearts 

      Floreic, Debbie; Carthage College Art Collection (1984)
    • Camera Obscure 

      Anderson, Robyn (1978)
    • Canal in the Fog 

      Zinngrabe, Paula (2017)
    • Catch a Wave 

      Vaitkus, Roxanne S.; Carthage College Art Collection (1981)