Recent Submissions

  • Playschool 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Kaminski, Linda (1985)
  • Ode to My Blue Jeans 

    Swarty, Arica (1984)
  • OP Tree (Ocean Pacific) 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Gallard, Candy (1984)
  • Nadine 

    Schoont, S. (1983-05)
  • Narcolepsy 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Dobersh, Lane (1993)
  • Milwaukee Lights 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Stocke, David (1983)
  • Mommy, Mommy, Look What I Found 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Chizzo, Sarah (1984)
  • Monoprint 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Diver, K. (1993)
  • Musing 

    Karras, Karena; Carthage College Art Collection (2009)
  • My Best to the Wife 

    Schoont, Steven B. (1987)
  • My First 

    Orlean, Chris; Carthage College Art Collection (1984)
  • Memories 

    Feldker, Zachary; Carthage College Art Collection (2014)
  • Marlyn 

    Becker, Sarah (2013)
  • Making an Incomplete a Complete 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Davis, Jim (1983)
    Print An abstract print depicting a diamond with red and blue borders, a light pink center, two bands of color, one green and one blue, making a cross shape inside the diamond. They are overlaid with an orange circle. 11 ...
  • Landscape 

    March, Jeannine (1984)
    Collograh Relief Print An abstracted landscape print depicting rolling hills, mountains, and the sun shining overhead. The hills are represented in bright, abstracted colors, while the mountains are represented in shades ...
  • Kalle 

    Cline, Linda J.; Carthage College Art Collection (1981)
  • Ken in '79 

    Keith B.W.; Carthage College Art Collection (1979)
    Collograph Relief Print A colored print of a man with a moustache, short brown hair and a brown shirt. 11 (5/8)" x 15" Printed by: Kieth B. W. Donated by: Kieth B. W. Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room ...
  • Jon 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Becker, Sarah (2013)
    Photograph Photograph of a young boy dressed in a camoflage shirt and a matching hat, staring down through the barrel of a rifle. He stands near the edge of a field, with trees in the background. 26 (7/8)" x 20 ...
  • Is it Real? 

    Northway, Milton A.; Carthage College Art Collection (1972)
    Silkscreen Print A black-and-white print depicting a motorized vehicle with several components. Some parts appear fantastical, while other parts resemble tanks and automobiles. Along with pipes and chimneys, the vehicle ...
  • I should be less destructive 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Ulmer, Bryce (2008)
    Digital Print A print depicting a large pink flower, a pink and black patterning over three digitally abstracted cityscapes. 27 (3/8)" x 23 (3/8)" Printed by: Bryce Ulmer Donated by: Bryce Ulmer, Alumni ...

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