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  • The Effectiveness of Blended Learning 

    DeLisle, Katie (2014-09-18)
    District of Columbia Public Schools, a school district aiming to improve proficiency rates by 2017, is experimenting with a new teaching technique called blended learning. Proficiency rates from 2008-2012 of 3rd and ...
  • Factoring 2x2 Matrices with Determinant of ±1 and Integer Elements 

    Altfillisch, Ryan (2014-09-18)
    We prove that all 2x2 matrices, as long as they meet our specifications, have a dominant column in absolute value and can be factored to a product involving three specific matrices.
  • Using Markov Chains to Analyze Volleyball Matches 

    Carrothers, Joe (2014-09-18)
    In this study we examine how to model a volleyball match with the use of Markov chains and a computer program. We then use this model to examine the importance of different aspects of the game.