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    • Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered - August Heat Wave 

      Aubin, Barbara; Carthage College Art Collection (1980)
    • Birds of Paradise (Revised) 

      Tuft, T.N.; Carthage College Art Collection (1978)
    • Camera Obscure 

      Anderson, Robyn (1978)
    • Canal in the Fog 

      Zinngrabe, Paula (2017)
    • Catch a Wave 

      Vaitkus, Roxanne S.; Carthage College Art Collection (1981)
    • Cow 

      D?gad, Seh (1985)
    • Dad Loves the Hunt 

      Bschoondt, Stephen (1983)
      Print A heavily saturated print depicting a man wearing a red suit and a black top hat. He sips from a teacup while looking off into the distance. 9 (5/8)” x 13.5" Printed by: Stephen Bschoondt Donated by: ...
    • Daffodils 

      King, Laura; Carthage College Art Collection (1983)
      Print A print of two bright yellow daffodils with green leaves and stems. They are placed over a purple background. 12” x 18” Printed by: Laura King Donated by: Laura King Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Hallway
    • Daydream 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Salsieder, Paul (2016)
      Painting Depicts a young woman lying down, only her forehead, nose, eyes, and cheeks visible due to forshortening, her red dress extending out and filling up most of the top of the painting. Surrounding her is a mass ...
    • decisive 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Boues, M. (2017)
      Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting the quote: "EVEN IF I'M COMPLETELY UNSURE, I'LL PRETEND I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT AND MAKE A DECISION." At the bottom of the print is a pair of purple sunglasses, ...
    • Dr. Nelson Peter Ross: Chairman History Department 

      Miller, C. Ross; Carthage College Art Collection (1977)
      Painting A painting of Dr. Nelson Peter Ross sitting at a desk containing a pile of books, a lamp, a notebook, and some pencils. Ross wears a suit and tie, has short brown hair and wears glasses. The room he is in ...
    • Electric Eye 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Frahm (1985)
      Print An abstract print depicting four orange rays shooting out from a red eye that is also surrounded by a red circle and red markings. The rest of the print is surrounded by geometric shapes with various colors including ...
    • Elmer T.R. Hanke: Professor of Music 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Painting A painting depicting Elmer T.R. Hanke as a middle-aged man with whitening hair. He is portrayed wearing glasses and a suit and tie, and positioned in front of a brown background. A small plaque at the bottom ...
    • Eudora Peterson Hanke: Associate Professor of Music 

      Hunt, Gene (2017)
      Painting A print depicting a portrait of Eudora Hanke. She is depicted wearing a red shirt and vest and gold earrings. Her hair appears to be braided, held up, and greying. She appears to be smiling at the viewer, and ...
    • Hands 

      Pellikan, Kimberly; Carthage College Art Collection (2013)
      Woodblock Print Depicts a girl with short brown hair and a purple shirt, and a pair of hands and arms extending down from the top of the print. The right hand covers the girl's right eye, while the left hand is poised ...
    • Hug Me 

      Carthage College Art Collection (2017)
      Installation Red plastic strips hung from the ceiling by thin, transparent string; the red strips are twisted and connected together with red wire, and form the words: "Hug Me" with the word "Me" hanging underneath the ...
    • I should be less destructive 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Ulmer, Bryce (2008)
      Digital Print A print depicting a large pink flower, a pink and black patterning over three digitally abstracted cityscapes. 27 (3/8)" x 23 (3/8)" Printed by: Bryce Ulmer Donated by: Bryce Ulmer, Alumni ...
    • Jon 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Becker, Sarah (2013)
      Photograph Photograph of a young boy dressed in a camoflage shirt and a matching hat, staring down through the barrel of a rifle. He stands near the edge of a field, with trees in the background. 26 (7/8)" x 20 ...
    • Marlyn 

      Becker, Sarah (2013)
    • Memories 

      Feldker, Zachary; Carthage College Art Collection (2014)