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  • Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered - August Heat Wave 

    Aubin, Barbara; Carthage College Art Collection (1980)
  • Daydream 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Salsieder, Paul (2016)
    Painting Depicts a young woman lying down, only her forehead, nose, eyes, and cheeks visible due to forshortening, her red dress extending out and filling up most of the top of the painting. Surrounding her is a mass ...
  • Dr. Nelson Peter Ross: Chairman History Department 

    Miller, C. Ross; Carthage College Art Collection (1977)
    Painting A painting of Dr. Nelson Peter Ross sitting at a desk containing a pile of books, a lamp, a notebook, and some pencils. Ross wears a suit and tie, has short brown hair and wears glasses. The room he is in ...