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  • Birds of Paradise (Revised) 

    Tuft, T.N.; Carthage College Art Collection (1978)
  • Camera Obscure 

    Anderson, Robyn (1978)
  • Canal in the Fog 

    Zinngrabe, Paula (2017)
  • Catch a Wave 

    Vaitkus, Roxanne S.; Carthage College Art Collection (1981)
  • Cow 

    D?gad, Seh (1985)
  • Dad Loves the Hunt 

    Bschoondt, Stephen (1983)
    Print A heavily saturated print depicting a man wearing a red suit and a black top hat. He sips from a teacup while looking off into the distance. 9 (5/8)” x 13.5" Printed by: Stephen Bschoondt Donated by: ...
  • Daffodils 

    King, Laura; Carthage College Art Collection (1983)
    Print A print of two bright yellow daffodils with green leaves and stems. They are placed over a purple background. 12” x 18” Printed by: Laura King Donated by: Laura King Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Hallway
  • Electric Eye 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Frahm (1985)
    Print An abstract print depicting four orange rays shooting out from a red eye that is also surrounded by a red circle and red markings. The rest of the print is surrounded by geometric shapes with various colors including ...