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    • Music Manuscript Page 

      J-Term Art Collection (1500)
    • Kameido Tenmangu Shrine: Evening Snow 

      J-Term Art Collection; Carthage College Art Collection; Yoshitara, Utagawa (1854)
      Woodblock Print Dates back to 1854, depicts the Kameido Tenmangu Shrine, built in the 1660s in Tokyo, during the winter. Dimensions: TBA Donated by "Food, Politics, and Policy in Japan" - 2011, Professors Mararet ...
    • Untitled No. 14 

      Anner, H.O.T. (1893)
      Painting A painting depicting a young woman sitting on a bed. She is dressed in a long, striped robe, has her hands clasped together, and looks off towards something to her right. The bed has tangled bedsheets and it ...
    • Der Griechische Tempel 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Weichardt, C (1896)
      Painting Depicts a Roman temple populated by passerby dressed in togas, presumably in Pompeii. 37 (1/8)" x 28" Painted by C. Weichardt Donated by a J-Term class Lentz Hall, 3rd Floor hallway Photograph #10
    • Dr. Joseph Johnson 

      Thwailes, Chas (1945)
      Painting A portrait depicting Dr. Joseph Johnson. He is shown seated on a red chair, wearing a pair of glasses, a suit and tie, as well as a ring on left ring finger. On the frame of the piece is a small plaque, that ...
    • Pearl E. Goeller: Registrar 

      Hunt, Gene; Carthage College Art Collection (1960)
    • Untitled No. 1 

      Kortlang, D. (1969)
      Textile A large textile depicting Jesus Christ and the Twelve Apostles. A long blond-haired Apostle appears to be holding a fish net over his shoulder, while another holds a basket filled with fish, and another holds a ...
    • The Apocalypse, angel fighting the dragons 

      Unknown author (1970)
      Print A print depicting three haloed angels battling against three dragons. The angels appear to be stabbing at the dragons' bodies, while the dragons themselves appear to be writhing and coiling in the sky, alit and ...
    • Christ calling his disciples 

      Kortliny, D. (1970)
      Print A print depicting Christ leading his Apostles onto a beach. Christ appears to be pointing at a large fishing net. Beside the Apostles are several baskets of fish, and behind them are a boat, and a large body of ...
    • The good shepherd 

      Kortliny, D. (1970)
      Print A print depicting a young shepherd walking over a hill with a crook in his right hand, and a sheep held over his shoulder. 25 (7/8)" x 34 (7/8)" Printed by: D. Kortliny Donor: Unknown Siebert Chapel ...
    • Mexico 

      Carthage College Art Collection (1970)
    • do-it-yourself 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Anderson, Elsie (1970)
      Collograph Relief Print A colored print depicting an amorphous shape consisting of several textile-like surfaces and textures. The colors used within the textiles include red, dark beige, and dull orange. 18 (5/8)" ...
    • Silverman 

      Ayers, M. (1971)
      Intaglio Print An embossed print depicting the profile view of a man with long bushy hair and a beard. 9” x 9” Printed by: M. Ayers Donated by: M. Ayers Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room 229 [Teaching ...
    • Is it Real? 

      Northway, Milton A.; Carthage College Art Collection (1972)
      Silkscreen Print A black-and-white print depicting a motorized vehicle with several components. Some parts appear fantastical, while other parts resemble tanks and automobiles. Along with pipes and chimneys, the vehicle ...
    • The Greenery 

      Jochim, G.L. (1973)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting several plants that appear to be within a darkened room, with a lamp and a window behind them. 6 (3/4)” x 9 (5/8)” Printed by: G.L. Jochim Donated by: G.L. Jochim Johnson ...
    • A quiet existence: Pastel Painting 

      Kaearlson (1973-11-20)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting a vase of flowers, jars, and fruit on a small table. 13" x 10 (1/8)" Printed by: Kaearlson Donated by: Kaearlson Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room 229 [Teaching Tool; ...
    • Girl with Dove 

      Kammeraad, Lori (1975)
      Print A print abstractedly depicting a girl holding a white dove with outstretched wings in her right hand. The girl’s arms are represented through several streaks of orange, light brown, blue, and silver colors. Her ...
    • Experience in Screen Printing 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Habein, Jeff (1975-10)
      Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting a mountain range under a blue sky. Over the mountains are two yellow semi-circles and three orange semi-circles. Surrounding the image is a partial green border, and a complete ...
    • Colorful Country 

      Denis, Joe (1977)
      Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting a black-and-white cityscape, with an orange sky and a large yellow sun. In the center of the piece is a band of blue ink and then a band of green ink with what appear to be ...
    • The Lighthouse 

      Johnson, Damaris (1977)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting a lighthouse just off a coastline. The foreground consists mainly of boulders and sand, while the lighthouse itself stretches out from a pier. In the distance, a sailboat can be seen on ...