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  • Gaudete Brass Quintet 

    Music Department (2008-09-09)
  • Honors Recital 

    Music Department (2008-05-18)
  • Male and Female Actors talking in Siebert Chapel 

    Carthage Photographs (1970)
  • Untitled No. 12 

    Akelroz, James (1988)
    Painting A painting depicting an exterior view of the Siebert Chapel. A road runs alongside the Chapel, and it is partially obscured by trees on either side of the road. 26 (1/4)” x 20 (3/4)” Painted by: James ...
  • Untitled No. 8 

    Unknown author (2017)
    Photograph A photograph depicting an exterior, southern view of the Siebert Chapel at night, during the winter with its lights on and snow piled on the ground. 34 (1/8)" x 33 (3/8)" Photographer: Unknown Donor: ...
  • Wind Orchestra and Concert Band 

    Ripley, James; Geocaris, Andrew (2006-05-11)