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    • 1936 Tick Ford 

      Kariban, Peter (2017)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a 1936 Tick Ford sitting beside street and a brick building. Behind the Ford is a wooden fence and more buildings. 13" x 10" Printed by: Peter Kariban Donated by: Peter ...
    • 1st Plate 

      Dobroh, Lance (1993)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting several triangular shapes, ovals, and white amorphous shapes amid layers of grey backgrounds. 7.5” x 11 (1/8)” Printed by: Lance Dobroh Donated by: Lance Dobroh Johnson Arts ...
    • 5 Stooges 

      Finn, Chris (1993)
    • 600 Club 

      Pavoe, Tasa (2004)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting several numbers. In bold and in white, are the numbers and words “600 Club” in front of a baseball. Behind the letters and the baseball, is a striped background with the numbers: 44, 24, ...
    • 713 W. 11th Avenue 

      Carlson, Lynn (2017)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting the front of an apartment building. The image appears blurred and faded, with the front steps mostly shadowed and the windows starkly standing out from the dark shadows of the ...
    • Adam and Eve in Garden 

      Felsing, Chet (1979)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of Eden. Adam appears to be holding the stems of plants in his left hand, while Eve reaches out to touch the apple God has forbidden her to eat. The ...
    • Addicted to Chaos 

      Herman, J. (1995-03)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting several objects. At the very bottom is a group of wide-eyed, screaming people between crossroads. Beside either road is a human eye, and between the eyes is a road sign with two markers ...
    • After Sex 

      Krow, David I. (1988)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a nude woman sitting up in a bed. She leans against her thighs, stretching her legs and arms out as she rests her chin on her shoulder. Her body is partially obscured by one of the ...
    • Alford Drive 

      Carlson, Lunee (1977-11)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting a view of Carthage College's Alford Drive. In the foreground are several reeds and bushes that overlook a small river. Beyond the river is a bridge, trees, and hills. 16 (7/8)" x 14 ...
    • All Packed Up and Nowhere to Go 

      Lamb, Tracy (1988)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting a view of an old, battered suitcase. The print is presented in a stylistic manner similar to charcoal. 16 (7/8)” x 20” Printed by: Tracy Lamb Donated by: Tracy Lamb Johnson ...
    • Ancient Star Gazers 

      Anderson, Robyn (1980)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting several measuring objects, including compasses, rulers, and other devices used in astronomy and science. 20 (3/8)" x 22 (7/8)" Printed by: Robyn Anderson Donated by: Robyn ...
    • And the Ghosts Shall Sleep in the Past 

      Karrels, Richard J. (1979)
      A colored, abstracted print depicting the face of a woman, in front of the outlines of two figures, a pulley system, and other strange and unidentifiable objects. The woman's face, along with the majority of the background ...
    • Animal Life 

      Meve, Cheryl (1982)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting several animals enclosed within a white fence. Among some of the animals depicted in piece include fowl, rabbits, a lioness, birds, etc. Leering in the background and peeking through the ...
    • AP 

      Tryche, Kathryn R.; Carthage College Art Collection (2017)
    • The Apocalypse, angel fighting the dragons 

      Unknown author (1970)
      Print A print depicting three haloed angels battling against three dragons. The angels appear to be stabbing at the dragons' bodies, while the dragons themselves appear to be writhing and coiling in the sky, alit and ...
    • Autumn's Eve on Michigan 

      Forbord, Lynn (1980)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting a scene off the shore of Lake Michigan. Trees, hills and shrubbery can be seen taking up the majority of the left side of the piece, while the lake and the sky take up the background. ...
    • AW 15 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Boues, M. (2017)
    • Back Hand 

      Stocke, Dave (1984)
      Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting a tennis player, beating a green ball. The tennis player kneels to the side as he beats the ball, his blue racket creating a visible blue arc of motion. Meanwhile, the ball is ...
    • Barbarian 

      Desun, Joe (1977)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a barbarian walking out of a cave, gazing out over a large ravine at other cavemen in the distance and winged creatures flying overhead. 17 (1/4)" x 12 (7/8)" Printed by: Joe ...
    • Basketball Men 

      Pannell, Tanya (1985)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting three young men playing basketball in an outdoor basketball court near a large warehouse. 10 (3/4)" x 12" Printed by: Tanya Pannell Donated by: Tanya Pannell Johnson Arts ...