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  • Akan Kente Cloth 

    Carthage College Art Collection (2013)
  • Akan Stool and Tribal Cloth 

    Carthage College Art Collection (2011)
  • Angelfish 

    Carthage College Art Collection (2013)
  • Ceramic Dragon Plate 

    Carthage College Art Collection (2012)
  • "Dancing Bushmen" 

    Carthage College Art Collection; RGM; Denee, Peter; Baratta, Nanette (2013)
    Painting Depicts bushmen dancing and singing. 18" x 17 (7/8)" Donated by "Namibia: A Sociocultural Journey" - 2013, Professors Peter Denee and Nanette Baratta. Photograph #9 Lentz Hall, 3rd Floor hallway
  • Der Griechische Tempel 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Weichardt, C (1896)
    Painting Depicts a Roman temple populated by passerby dressed in togas, presumably in Pompeii. 37 (1/8)" x 28" Painted by C. Weichardt Donated by a J-Term class Lentz Hall, 3rd Floor hallway Photograph #10
  • Don Quixote 

    Carthage College Art Collection (2010)
    Painting Depicts Cervantes' characters Quixote and Sancho Panza approaching the windmills of La Mancha in Spain. 19 (3/8)" x 23 (5/8)" Painted by Mohamed Madani Donated by "Spain, Intensive Language Study" - ...
  • Ebony Wood Sculpture 

    Carthage College Art Collection (2012)
    Sculpture A unified ebony sculpture, with abstractedly carved features, including a wide forehead, large eyes, a long nose, thick lips and a pointed chin. Dimensions: TBA Donated by "The Roots of African American ...