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    • An Analysis of the Game Tenzi 

      Barhite, Justin (2016)
      In the game Tenzi, a player has ten six-sided dice and repeatedly rolls any subsets of the dice in order to have all ten show the same number with as few rolls as possible. A simple strategy is to choose a number at the ...
    • Probability Distributions of Swishes in the Game of Swish 

      Lauer, Josh (2013-09-05)
      We examine the game of Swish, where we look at the probability of certain events occurring on the first deal of n cards. We are interested in two specific cases, namely a swishless case, where no two cards form a swish, ...
    • The Problem With Baseball Hats 

      Gauvin, Micole (2015)
      A young baseball player stacks n baseball hats by each door to his home. Every time he leaves the house to go to practice, he grabs a hat from the stack by the door he exits; then when he returns to his home after practice, ...