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    • Baseball Team 

      Carthage Photographs (1920)
    • Does Spending More Money on College Baseball Recruiting Result in More Wins for the Baseball Program? 

      Stevens, Joseph (2017)
      The purpose of this study was to determine if spending more money on college baseball recruiting produced more wins for the college’s baseball program. The college baseball teams that were studied included all eight programs ...
    • The Problem With Baseball Hats 

      Gauvin, Micole (2015)
      A young baseball player stacks n baseball hats by each door to his home. Every time he leaves the house to go to practice, he grabs a hat from the stack by the door he exits; then when he returns to his home after practice, ...
    • The Ultimate Lineup 

      Kelterborn, Chad (2013-10-24)
      We explore the optimization of a youth baseball teams batting order, considering each players individual statistics. Specifically, we wanted to see if an alternating batting order of walkers and hitters (e.g. Highest Walk ...