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    • Boots 

      Colicki, Kathy (1979)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting two boots, with their shafts drooping over to the side. 17.5" x 19.5" Printed by: Kathy Colicki Donated by: Kathy Colicki Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room 229 [Teaching ...
    • Born To Be Wild 

      Setter, Barb (2017)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting two wolves howling into the night, the full moon behind them as the mountains lie in the distance beyond them. 7 (5/8)” x 6” Printed by: Barb Setter Donated by: Barb Setter Johnson ...
    • Bostonian 

      Mocek, B. (1977)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting two men. The first man is shown in a profile view; he is an older man, with white hair, and wears a coat, a sweater, a hat, and smokes a pipe. The second man has his back turned to the ...
    • BOT Minutes and Reports 

      Unknown author (1873)
    • BOT Minutes and Reports, Page 5 

      Unknown author (1874)
    • BOT Minutes and Reports, Page 9 

      Unknown author (1878)
    • The Brahms Project 1: Carthage Faculty Trio 

      Brahms, Johannes; Farouk, Wael; Williams, Andrew; Montanari, Allegra (2017)
      Commemorating the 120th anniversary of Johannes Brahms’ death, this is the first installation in the Brahms Project. Featuring the musical talents of Wael Farouk (piano), Andrew Williams (violin), and Allegra Montanari (cello).
    • Brave Warrior 

      Unknown author (1981)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a warrior riding atop a white horse. The horse rears back on its hind legs while the warrior holds a shield and brandishes a sword in front of a snarling dragon. The figures are depicted ...
    • Breast Cancer and Access to Health Care: A Spatial and Statistical Analysis 

      Smith, Shelby (2013-09-20)
      This research examines both the spatial and non-spatial relationships between breast cancer mortality rate and percent of population living below poverty, health care facilities per 1,000 people and percent urban. The data ...
    • The Breath of Stars 

      Svich, Caridad (Carthage College Theater Department, 2016-03-18)
      The Breath of Stars March 4-6 and March 10-12. The Breath of Stars is about the spinning globe, a lost city of strings, electric dreams, and finding a lover again in the body of a stranger. Th
    • Brewing Bigger Beer: The Rise of Midwest Breweries into Industry Leaders 

      Malepsy, Brian (2014-09-27)
      This thesis examines the rise of American Midwestern breweries from 1870 to 1940, a period when these companies became the largest breweries in America. These years are important in the expansion of the breweries in the ...
    • Broken Hearts 

      Floreic, Debbie; Carthage College Art Collection (1984)
    • Brotherhood Helmet 

      Hobein, Jeff (1985-10)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting a man wearing an ornate helmet. The helmet itself has several motifs and designs, and at the top is an ignited flame. Through the visor of the helmet, one can see that the right side of ...
    • Brownfields and Their Effect on Business and Unemployment in Youngstown, Ohio 

      Olejniczak, Mike (2013-09-20)
      Numerous brownfields, wide open space, and a little bit of hope holds all the potential in the world for Youngstown to regain some vitality. The question is do brownfields affect unemployment and business in relation to ...
    • Burlap 

      Bobusch, Jolee M. (1977)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting oblong and undulating squares and rectangles divided and meshed together by blue lines in a textile-like pattern. 22 (7/8)" x 26 (1/8)" Printed by: Jolee M. Bobusch Donated by: ...
    • Bushasche Etude (2003) 

      Primus, Pearl (2003)