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  • A Typed Lambda Calculus for Input Sanitation 

    Fulton, Nathan (2013-10-24)
    Programmers often wish to validate or sanitize user input. One common approach to this problem is the use of regular expressions. Unvalidated or insufficiently sanitized user input can cause security problems. Therefore, ...
  • The Ultimate Lineup 

    Kelterborn, Chad (2013-10-24)
    We explore the optimization of a youth baseball teams batting order, considering each players individual statistics. Specifically, we wanted to see if an alternating batting order of walkers and hitters (e.g. Highest Walk ...
  • Under the Stars... The Piano Goes to the Movies 

    Livingston, Jane (2016-03-21)
    Miklós Rózsa was born in Hungary in 1907. His musical training was done in Germany. He then lived worked and studied for extended periods of time in England, France, Italy and the United States. Although his film ...
  • Understanding how Undergraduates Indentify and Gather Sources for Senior Theses in Modern Languages 

    Sabbar, Carol (unpublished, 2011)
    Many undergraduate colleges and universities require a senior thesis, and many college libraries offer instruction and individual assistance to students in the process of identifying and gathering source materials for their ...
  • Understandings of Religion (REL) 

    Andrea Ng'weshemi
  • Unidentified Faculty Members 

    Carthage Photographs (1970)
  • Unidentified Male Student 

    Carthage Photographs (1970)
  • Unknown 

    Unknown (2019)
  • Unknown Theatre Production 

    Carthage Photographs (1970)
  • Untitled 

    Kaminski, Linda (1985)
    Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting a raised hand, with red-painted fingernails, holding up a red rose. Around the wrist are white curved lines, indicative of ripple lines, and behind the hand are several bars ...
  • Untitled 

    Bensen, Jo Dee M. (2017)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting a weeping old woman, her forehead wrinkled as she closes her eyes and covers her mouth, as if to stifle her sobs. The rest of the woman's head is obscured by a hood. 9.5" x ...
  • Untitled 

    Thompson, Kerry Elizabeth (1979)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting a pile of boulders overlooking a view of a body of water. Tree branches poke out from the top left area of the print, and in the distance, more land and buildings can be seen. To the far ...
  • Untitled 

    Karlen, Rebecca (1982)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting several bushes, shrubs, and leaves hanging from branches. Beyond the foliage is a large waterfall cascading down a rock cliff. 11 (7/8)" x 19 (3/8)" Printed by: Rebecca Karlen Donated ...
  • Untitled 

    Lescelun, Karl (1983)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting two dancers in motion; the dancers are both depicted with unique patterns all over their bodies. Behind them is the word “Dance” portrayed in white and in capital letters, over a grey ...
  • Untitled 

    Thompson, Kerry Elizabeth (1979)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting a young, dark-haired girl clinging to a woman's waist. Her arms wrap around the woman's waist as she stares out at something, while the woman wraps her left arm around the girl, her ...
  • Untitled 

    Mauney, Cat (1983)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting the face of a woman wearing a hood, and a large bowtie. The woman is depicted behind one rod, and in front of another. Several spheres reminiscent of bubbles fly past her, along with ...
  • Untitled 

    Vaitkus, Roxanne (1979)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting the exterior view of the barrel of a gun, which is aimed right at the viewer. The figure aiming the gun is not visible to the viewer, and there are no other objects in the piece except ...
  • Untitled 

    Fenendael, Kim (1988)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting a landscape scene. Bushes and leaves appear to overtake the left side of the piece, while to the right, are more bushes, the edge of a building, and rolling hills and clouds in the ...