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    • Progress Report in Response to Commission Action Report 

      Campbell, Gregory F.; Sjoerdsma, Richard Dale (2005)
      Progress report on action taken by the music department and Carthage College to answer questions from NASM action report 04-05.
    • Purell's Dido and Aeneas 

      Music Department (2010-05-02)
    • Pushpanjali & Ganesha Kavutuvam 

      Draves, Emma (2012)
    • Put your best face forward 

      Olimy, Constance (2004-05)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting several objects enclosed within circles, including a foot in a high-heeled shoe, an earring, lipstick and other articles of makeup, and a cloth bag tied together with a ribbon. 7 ...
    • Put Your Fist Where Your Mouth Is 

      Nelson, Thomas Lee (1988)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a raised, shadowed fist looming out at the viewer from a black background. 13” x 19 (7/8)” Printed by: Thomas Lee Nelson Donated by: Thomas Lee Nelson Johnson Arts Center ...
    • Quantifying Forest Fragmentation and Total Forest in Hoosier, Wayne and Chequamegon National Forests from 1992 to 2006 

      Callahan, Calvin (2015-09)
      The United States Forest Service was established to manage and protect national forests since 1905. This study is conducted to see how effectively the national forests are being managed. The three national forests in this ...
    • Quantifying the Urban Forest 

      Messenger, Rachel (2009)
      Mature suburbs tend to have certain characteristics that subject them to decline, which is further exacerbated by the recent phenomenon of exurban sprawl. In an effort to prevent or reverse this decline and attract ...
    • Quantifying Urbanization and Fragmentation of Agricultural and Forested Lands in Kenosha County 1988-2008 

      Geise, Sarah (2013-09-06)
      Kenosha County’s proximity to Milwaukee and Chicago limited industry to manufacturing in the 20th century. In the past two decades Kenosha has increased its role in commercial economy. This resulted in changes in land use ...
    • The Quantitative Effects of Read Alouds for Primary Students 

      Carter, Nancy G. (2015)
      This researcher wanted to know the quantitative effects that reading aloud to students for 30 minutes; five days per week in a whole classroom setting would have on the Terra Nova Spring Testing scores of the class. The ...
    • Queer Readings of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: A Teaching Resource for Heritage One 

      The Ten Percent Society (1999)
      To understand the issues surrounding sexuality in Twelfth Night, one has to consider not only Shakespeare's words, but what they imply to modern readers. It is not as important that one character believes another is a ...
    • A quiet existence: Pastel Painting 

      Kaearlson (1973-11-20)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting a vase of flowers, jars, and fruit on a small table. 13" x 10 (1/8)" Printed by: Kaearlson Donated by: Kaearlson Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room 229 [Teaching Tool; ...
    • Quilt Show 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Screen Print A print depicting a light beige quilt pattern over a green background. Underneath the patter are these words written in light beige ink: "Quilt Show May 17, 11-8 St. Luke's Episcopal Church 614 ...
    • R + R Spike 

      Niboh, Michael (2017)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a bent, jagged spike over a black background with white, scratchy images. 16.5" x 12 (7/8)" Printed by: Michael Niboh Donated by: Michael Niboh Johnson Arts Center 2nd ...
    • R. Thesaurus #301 - Self-Portrait 

      Thompson, Karry (1981)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting self-portrait of the artist. It shows a bottle, with the label “Liquitex” pouring out a liquid, which flows around an eye. The eye and the eyebrow are both underneath a few strands of ...
    • Rabbit Trap 

      Isley, Kaela J. (1982)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting two children sitting on a tree branch, the girl appears to be older than the boy, with short hair, and she wears a shirt, pants, and sneakers. The boy sits on the branch and rests his ...
    • Racine Co. 

      Nilsen, Laren (1978)
      Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting the logo of the Racine County Sheriff in grey ink over a dark peach, circular background. Surrounding the logo are objects that appear to resemble badges, or the kind of parts ...
    • Racine Elementary Concert In the Heart of a Friend 

      Unknown author (2016-02-08)
    • Reaction-Diffusion Equations and Biochemical Pattern Formation 

      Bresnahan, Brady (2019-05-17)
      Many biochemical reactions can be modeled using reaction-diffusion equations, some of which form patterns. Reaction-diffusion equations are partial differential equations that describe how the concentrations of two species ...