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  • Landscape 

    Duffy, Tim (1990)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting a large pile of rocks and boulders overlooking a body of water. In the distance is another section of land, appearing to comprise of cliffs and mountains. 15” x 12” Printed by: Tim ...
  • Landscape 

    Mitsch, Michael (1979)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting what appears to be a forest between several cliffs and outcroppings underneath a broiling sky. 19 (1/8)" x 13 (1/4)" Printed by: Michael Mitsch Donated by: Michael Mitsch Johnson ...
  • Landscape 

    March, Jeannine (1984)
    Collograh Relief Print An abstracted landscape print depicting rolling hills, mountains, and the sun shining overhead. The hills are represented in bright, abstracted colors, while the mountains are represented in shades ...
  • A Language Curriculum for a Spanish Immersion Program in Guatemala 

    Delgado Fernandez, Nerea (2016)
    This project aimed to develop a curriculum for the 2016 Guatemala J-Term program offered by Carthage College. This program consisted of an almost one-month experience in which students were immersed in the culture and ...
  • Larry Hamilton 

    Carthage Photographs (1980)
  • Last Goodbye 

    West, Kelly (2015)
  • Late Night Wonder 

    Krew, David (1988)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting the pale face of a woman. The woman appears to have either eyeshadow or dark circles under her eyes, and light spiky hair, which is mostly covered by a dark hood on her head. Other ...
  • Lead Contamination in Soils Near Mines in Southeastern Missouri 

    Patton, Zack (2017)
    Lead mining is very important in today’s society, and is used for a lot of everyday products. The most common products are batteries, cable covering, ammunition, and shielding radiation. Over the years, lead mining has ...
  • Lecture: “Religious Literacy, Religious Liberty, and the Bible in American Public Schools” 

    Mark, Chancery (Carthage College, 2016-10-05)
    Mark Chancey, a widely published expert on constitutional, political, and academic issues related to the study of religion in public schools, will give a presentation at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 4, at Carthage. His talk, ...
  • Legal Environment of Business 

    Paul Volbrecht
  • The Legend of Cleona 

    Music Department (2002-02-15)
  • Lego 

    Gad, S.t. (1985)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting a black amorphous shape overlaid atop several grey amorphous shapes and lines. 9 (3/4)" x 15" Printed by: S.f. Gad Donated by: S.f. Gad Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room ...
  • Lentz Faculty Banquet 

    Carthage Photographs (1959)
  • Lentz family in Carthage, Illinois 

    Carthage Photographs (1950)
  • Lentz Hall Spiral Staircase 

    Carthage Photographs (1970)
  • Lentz Riggle 

    Unknown author (1960)
  • Lentz visit to Kenosha Campus Site 

    Carthage Photographs (1960)
  • Leopard 

    Rozdalovsky, Mary Jo (1977-12)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting the face and neck of a leopard. 8 (5/8)" x 11.5" Printed by: Mary Jo Rozdalovsky Donated by: Mary Jo Rozdalovsky Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Room 229 [Teaching Tool; ...
  • Libraries in France 

    Manross, Marilynn; Sabbar, Carol (unpublished, 2010)
    This paper provides a descriptive profile of the libraries in France, whether national, municipal, academic, etc.