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    • Yaoi and BL: The Japanese Female Obsession with Male Homosexuality and Its Effects on Pop Culture Media 

      Salazar, Joyce (2016-05)
      This undergraduate thesis explores why Japanese females are interested in depictions of male-male homosexuality in pop culture media, specifically Boy’s Love (BL) manga and anime. Previous research (Vincent, 2007) suggests ...
    • You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown : A Senior Thesis Project 

      Burns, Allison (2021)
      This is Senior Thesis project. Performed in the Fall of 2020, and completed in the Spring of 2021.
    • Younger 

      Pederson, Kylee (2015)
    • The Young’s Modulus of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes 

      Vodnik, Douglas (2010-09-04)
      A new numerical method for calculating the Young’s modulus of carbon nanotubes which avoids ambiguities that have plagued other attempts is validated. Molecular dynamics simulations that utilize the Tersoff Potential are ...
    • The Young’s Modulus of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes 

      Vodnik, Douglas; Crosby, Kevin (2011-02-08)
      Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were discovered in 1952, but their exciting properties have been brought to the attention of the scientific community only recently. CNTs, which can be thought of as rolled up sheets of graphene, ...
    • Zero-Divisor Graphs of Direct Product Rings 

      Salzman, Emily (2017-05-31)
      This research investigates zero-divisor graphs of direct product rings. In zero-divisor graphs, if elements are connected with an edge, they will multiply to the additive identity element of direct product rings, (0,0). ...
    • 漢字に相当する英語の接辞 

      Werschey, Jacob (2014-12-01)
      接辞は漢字のように、単語を見ると意味がなんとなく分かる。日本語を勉強している学習者には漢字に相当する接辞を覚えば、単語力が増えるだろう。そして、その漢字と接辞の関係を明らかにしたいと思う。 この研究では、さまざまな漢字の接辞を集めて比べ、それらの表現の意味と用法について分析することを目的としている。接辞として用いられる漢字に相当する英単語を集め、その中で使用頻度の高い接辞を研究対象とする。 しかし、一つの学習言語である言葉の意味によ ...