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  • Occasional Frenzy 

    Wuchte, Sara (2014)
  • The Odd Couple 

    Music Department (2005-05-14)
  • Ode to My Blue Jeans 

    Swarty, Arica (1984)
  • Odyssey 

    Music Department (2008-05-10)
  • Oh, The Stuff You Will Learn! 

    Seuss, Dr. (2017)
    Print A print depicting the Cat in the Hat walking up the branch of a large blue tree, pushing up a wheelbarrow filled with books and a green umbrella. He tosses a book down to another smaller cat, who walks just behind ...
  • Old Girlfriends 

    Bschoont, Steven (1982-03)
    Screen Print A print depicting the head of a horse lying horizontally across the piece, with the faces of four women beneath it; only one of the three women has long, brown hair. Above the head of the horse is a man ...
  • Old Kimono and Glass 

    R., K. (1980)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting a person dressed in a kimono ladling something within a glass jar. Inside the jar appears to be a large fish, and an aquatic plant. 3.5” x 4 (3/8)” Printed by: K.R. Donated by: ...
  • The Old Maid and the Thief 

    Music Department (2002-02-09)
  • Old Main 

    Unknown author (1890)
  • Old Main 

    Carthage Photographs (1940)
  • Old Man 

    Wells, H. (1981)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting an old man staring off into the distance. The man wears a collared shirt, a vest, a hat, and he has a thick moustache and beard. He is also smoking a pipe. 10 (1/8)" x 10 (1/4)" Printed ...
  • Older man and woman touching a trophy. 

    Carthage Photographs (1960)
  • On The Non-kth Elements of a Group 

    Grimes, Brett (2017)
    In Abstract Algebra, raising an element to a certain power can provide insight on various properties of both the element itself and the group it is a part of. This thesis is interested in the number of elements of a ...
  • Once Students, Forever Alumni: A Study Analyzing Drivers of Alumni Loyalty 

    Hansen, Lauren (2015)
    The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that contribute to overall perceptions and experiences of alumni who attended post-secondary institutions. The study was developed using a theoretical framework of ...
  • One Bright Morning the Blues Rolled In 

    Saldarelli, Kristina (2015)
  • OP Tree (Ocean Pacific) 

    Carthage College Art Collection; Gallard, Candy (1984)
  • Open Window 

    Powers, Sonia (1978)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting an open window, drapes flying out of it from the wind. The open window reveals a table, a chair, a china pitcher and bowl, striped wallpaper and a framed picture inside the house. Outside ...
  • Opera Workshop 

    Berg, Gregory (2015)
  • Operations Management 

    Mark Miller
  • Optimization of School Bus Routes for Crystal Lake South High School Utilizing ARCLogistics 

    Nelson, Tyler (2013-09-20)
    The ability to efficiently and safely transport their students to and from school on a daily basis is an important part of every school district’s responsibilities. Like any organization, school districts want to cut down ...