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  • J.A. Kunkleman 

    Carthage Photographs (1881)
  • J.M. Randolph Curts Home 

    Unknown author (1890)
  • J.S. Detweiler 

    Carthage Photographs (1883)
  • J.W. Richard 

    Carthage Photographs (1878)
  • Jacob Diehl 

    Carthage Photographs (1930)
  • Jaguar 

    John, Anndre (1981)
    Lithograph Print A print depicting a jaguar walking down several boulders, white trees behind it, and a flower sprouting out of the boulders in the piece's lower right corner. 7 (5/8)" x 12 (5/8)" Printed by: ...
  • Japanese Culture and Its Effects on the Post-Fukushima Anti-Nuclear Movement 

    Dillinger, Victoria (2015-12)
    The purpose of my study is to assess through cultural analysis the level of political participation surrounding the anti-nuclear movement in Japan since the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown in 2011. To date, much of the discussion ...
  • Japanese Freeters: The Changing Attitudes of Youth 

    Marotte, Caitlin (2014)
    In this paper, I look at the various Japanese viewpoints and opinions concerning "Freeters;" atypical workers in Japanese society. My research consists mostly of firsthand accounts and opinions, gathered through interviews, ...
  • Jester 

    Carlson, Cynthia L. (1996)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting a somewhat abstracted jester, complete with a costume, and a hat with bells. The jester’s face is the most abstracted part of the piece, with its lips portrayed on its cheek, and with ...
  • Jitro Girls Choir 

    Music Department (2012-03-02)
  • Joe Miller 

    Carthage Photographs (1878)
  • Joel A. Bleeke 

    Martin (2017)
    Painting A painting depicting the portrait of Joel A. Bleeke. He is depicted wearing a suit, a tie, a pair of glasses, and a watch on his left wrist. He holds his left hand up to hold his chin in thought, while in his ...
  • John Hemkes Memorial Concert 

    Ripley, James; Johnson, Douglas (2017)
    The Carthage College Wind Orchestra and the Belle City Brassworks brass band present the annual “John Hemkes Memorial Concert”.
  • John Horney 

    Carthage Photographs (1878)
  • John M. Ruthraff 

    Carthage Photographs (1895)
    J.M. Ruthrauff was president of Carthage College from 1895-1900.
  • John M. Swope 

    Carthage Photographs (1878)
    John Swope graduated from Carthage College in 1879.
  • John Schubring - Junior Organ Recital 

    Music Department (1997-04-26)
  • Johnny Appleseed: Travels and Trees An Exploration in Historical GIS 

    Hellyer, Matt (2014-09-29)
    On the eve of the American Revolution, John Chapman was born, soon becoming one of the country’s most cherished folk heroes- Johnny Appleseed, a man synonymous with the frontier. Though his legend is widely known and often ...
  • Johnny's Apples 

    Unknown author (1978)
    Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting several red apples falling from the sky. Two paths diverge from the bottom of the piece, stretching out into the horizon that is dotted with trees, with a body of water in the ...