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  • Galileo Literary Society Dinner 

    Carthage Photographs (1900)
  • Garden 

    Olsen, Edna (2017)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting a field with dark bushes far in the background. In the foreground, which takes up the majority of the piece, are several cylindrical shapes with hollow centers; the shapes appear to ...
  • Gary Verkade - Works by Tournemire Bull Liszt 

    Music Department (1997-10-11)
  • Gaudete Brass Quintet 

    Music Department (2009-04-18)
  • Gaudete Brass Quintet 

    Music Department (2008-09-09)
  • Gems of the Piano Trio, Concert 1 

    Music Department (2008-10-19)
  • Generalization of Riemann's Rearrangement Theorem 

    Weber, Benjamin (2016)
    In this paper, we will examine Riemann's rearrangement theorem for sequences of real numbers. Continuing on, we will briefly discuss previous generalizations of the theorem to the n dimensional case. Because of the difficulty ...
  • Generating Power in the Pool: An Analysis of Strength Conditioning and its Effect on Athlete Performance 

    Hoffman, Samuel (2015)
    There are many things that affect the speed of a swimmer in the water, from size of the individual to their technique and strength. This study tracked a group of NCAA Division III athletes across their season to see how ...
  • Geometric Mess 

    Klausen, Curt; Carthage College Art Collection (2017)
    Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting several purple and blue cubes and rectangles mixed together with orange cylindrical shapes. 15" x 10 (3/8)" Printed by: Curt Klausen Donated by: Curt Klausen Johnson ...
  • George Arbaugh 

    Carthage Photographs (1930)
  • The Gershwin Centennial Concert 

    Music Department (1998-09-27)
  • Getting Ready for a Dip in the Ocean 

    Unknown author (TW Ingersoll, 1890)
  • A girl and death 

    Hutala, Ihreshmi J. (1981)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting a girl sitting beside a tree, burying her face in her hands as her hair cascades down past her shoulders. Behind her is an open field with mountains and clouds in the distance. Beside ...
  • Girl with Dove 

    Kammeraad, Lori (1975)
    Print A print abstractedly depicting a girl holding a white dove with outstretched wings in her right hand. The girl’s arms are represented through several streaks of orange, light brown, blue, and silver colors. Her ...
  • A Glimpse of Grieg - Chamber Music of Edvard Grieg 

    Music Department (2006-03-24)
  • A Global Risk Assessment of Coastal Regions Based on the Disaster Mitigation Potential of their Mangrove Forests 

    Mercado, Lauren (2018-05)
    Mangrove forests are found to lessen the impact of tsunamis, cyclones, and their subsequent flooding in nearby areas. Unfortunately, they are one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world. Due to their wide and dense ...
  • God Created 

    Georgi, Aharon (1992)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting images from the Genesis origin story. God is represented as a bald man whose head emerges from the print like a mountain, with a halo of flying cherubs circling around his forehead. His ...
  • God Created 

    Scotroegh, Alexis J. (1992)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting an outstretched right hand, the palm facing the viewer. In the center of the palm is a hole with a white circle in the center. Beyond the hand is a sphere with a glowing white mass ...
  • God Created 

    Girman, Katy (2017)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting three hands circling a glowing white mass, objects sprouting out of each of the hands. The hand at the far left appears to be blowing out sand, the hand at the top appears to be shooting ...
  • God creating... 

    Trella, David (1992)
    Intaglio Print A print depicting a man with a thick unibrow, moustache and beard, with long dark hair. The man has large nostrils, and wears a shirt with the face of a man with long hair, a long beard and moustache, and ...