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    • Barracks 

      Carthage Photographs (1950)
    • Baseball Team 

      Carthage Photographs (1920)
    • Basic Digital Photography (FAR) 

      Laura Huaracha
    • Basketball Men 

      Pannell, Tanya (1985)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting three young men playing basketball in an outdoor basketball court near a large warehouse. 10 (3/4)" x 12" Printed by: Tanya Pannell Donated by: Tanya Pannell Johnson Arts ...
    • Bat Activity in Relation to Landscape Composition and Spatial Configuration in Wisconsin 

      Matzinger, Alexandra (2013-09-06)
      With the devastating effects of White-Nose Syndrome rapidly spreading towards Wisconsin, identifying the abundance and distribution of bats within the state is becoming increasingly vital. In order to identify patterns of ...
    • Bat Skulls Triptych 

      Robinson, Sarah (2016)
    • Battle of the Sexes: Is Professional Golf Two Separate Games? 

      Landerholm, Michael (2015)
      The popularity of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) has exploded, but the quality of golf played has not. Despite easier course set-ups, LPGA players fail to match the scores recorded by members of Professional ...
    • Beautiful Chaos 

      Weher, Cortney (2004)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting several conflicting patterns and motifs, including circles, lines, stripes, checkerboards, and shapes including clovers and suns. 10 (1/4)” x 8 (1/8)” Printed by: Cortney ...
    • The Beauty of Nature 

      Oliers, Scot James (1978)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting several animals, including geese, a buck, and a bear within a field, with mountains and trees in the distance. Depicted in the upper left corner of the piece, is a hunter with his gun ...
    • Beckles 

      Straff, MaryAnne (1988)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting the face of a smiling girl. The girl looks directly at the viewer, and her face takes up nearly the entire frame of the piece. The girl has long, dark hair with three curled bangs. 10 ...
    • "Being Alive": A Senior Recital Thesis 

      Seabright, Katrina (2022)
      This recital showcases the skills and knowledge I have accumulated over the past four years of my studies in the Carthage College Vocal Performance program. The goals set publicly tested my abilities via performances and ...
    • The Benefits of Green Space within Higher Education 

      Pascolla, Natalie (2011-04-07)
      Throughout the course of the past four years, I have recognized a change within our society. There has been a shift in many different industries toward the ideas of sustainability, corporate responsibility, and structural ...
    • Bernice Kissinger 

      Lenzi, Daniel; Drimboi, Dorin (2022)
    • The Best View of Washington DC 

      Unknown author (1890)
    • Beta Phi Epsilon 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Painting A painting depicting the crest of the Greek organization, Beta Phi Epsilon. Depicted over horizontal purple and yellow lines, the crest has the written name of the organization over a yellow ribbon, and the ...
    • Beta Phi Epsilon 

      Unknown author (2017)
      Painting A painting depicting an armored knight sitting atop a white horse. The knight has a purple cape and plumes of feathers sprouting out of his helmet, and on his purple shield are the Greek letters for the Greek ...
    • Beta Phi Epsilon 

      Carthage Photographs (1950)
    • Beta Phi Epsilon Chapter 

      Unknown author (1970)