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    • I 

      Keenochke, Andrea L. (2017)
      Intaglio Print A colored print depicting the face of a blond-haired, blue-eyed woman staring out at the viewer. Her left casually seems to rest against her face. 5.5” x 6 (5/8)” Printed by: Andera L. Keenochke Donated ...
    • I Am Of This Place 

      Music Department (2004-09-14)
    • I can Change 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Ulmer, Bruce (2008-01-14)
      Digital print An abstract digital print partially depicting the Chicago skyline, a few dry weeds in the right hand corner, the words “Lord knows” at the bottom, and a simplified, abstracted face represented with minimal ...
    • I should be less destructive 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Ulmer, Bryce (2008)
      Digital Print A print depicting a large pink flower, a pink and black patterning over three digitally abstracted cityscapes. 27 (3/8)" x 23 (3/8)" Printed by: Bryce Ulmer Donated by: Bryce Ulmer, Alumni ...
    • I'm Still Running 

      Rovik, Sydney (2014)
    • I-94 Trumpets! 

      Music Department (2001)
    • I.W. Bingaman 

      Carthage Photographs (1920)
    • Identifying Differences in Illinois Dry Prairies by Examining Soil Factors and their Effects on Plant Species Composition 

      Lundgren, Jessie (2013-09-11)
      Illinois is home to a wide array of prairie remnants that have been preserved from the period of westward expansion. Of these, dry prairies are known to be among the most species rich. Within the class of dry prairies there ...
    • Ideology in Education—A Critical Discourse Analysis of Chinese and Western Ideolo gical Differences in Education from Are Our Kids Tough Enough? —Chinese School 

      Wu, Qin (2018)
      Research on ideology in education has illustrated that ideologies are grounded in educational pedagogies. However, little is known about cross-cultural ideological differences in education. The researcher conducted a ...
    • Idol 

      Cas (1988)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting the face of a young man who looks intensely out at the viewer. He has light-colored spiky hair, and black splotches of ink appear to cover the entire image, even parts of the man's ...
    • If Wishes Were Horses 

      Jones, Jeff (1978)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting several images overlaying each other. The first image inclues the depiction of several small children in black ink, the second being the blue silhouettes of three men wearing hats, and ...
    • Iglesia San Isidro 

      Ruiz, Luis (2013)
      Painting Depicts a view of Toledo street in Madrid leading from the Plaza Mayor to the San Isidro church. 19" x 23 (1/8)" Painted by Luis Ruiz Donated by "Spain: Intensive Language Study" - 2013, Professor Matt ...
    • Illinois Campus, Carthage College Map 

      Carthage Archives (1934)
    • Illinois Climate and Agriculture 

      Froehner, Jason (2001)
      How do climate factors affect Illinois com and soybean production and prices? Illinois serves as part the heart of America's prime farmland. In this study, 12 spatially representative sites are chosen on the bases of ...
    • Illinois State University Board of Trustees Minutes 

      Carthage Archives (1860-06-28)
      This page describes Abraham Lincoln's election to the Illinois State University Board of Trustees.
    • Illinois State University Campus 

      Carthage Photographs (1850)
    • Immigration from Mexico into the United States 

      Murphy, Chase (2008)
      There are many races in the United States; including people from all corners of the world. Since 1995 there has been a steadily growing flow of people into the U.S; they come over by hundreds of thousands every year. ...
    • The Impact of an Alternative Deicing Product on Urban Storm Basin Salinity 

      Boehm, Brian (2011-12-12)
      Adverse winter driving conditions have been mitigated by the implementation of deicing salt applications to road surfaces for over 70 years. The effects that deicers, specifically sodium chloride, have on the environment ...
    • The Impact of an Intervention on Growth Mindsets in Education 

      Filippis, Courtney (2015)
      Studies have shown the positive effects that growth mindsets can have in academic achievement. In this study, the researcher investigated the growth mindset scores of teacher participants, as well as the effects that a ...