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    • D. Frank Easterday 

      Carthage Photographs (1878)
    • Dad Loves the Hunt 

      Bschoondt, Stephen (1983)
      Print A heavily saturated print depicting a man wearing a red suit and a black top hat. He sips from a teacup while looking off into the distance. 9 (5/8)” x 13.5" Printed by: Stephen Bschoondt Donated by: ...
    • Daffodils 

      King, Laura; Carthage College Art Collection (1983)
      Print A print of two bright yellow daffodils with green leaves and stems. They are placed over a purple background. 12” x 18” Printed by: Laura King Donated by: Laura King Johnson Arts Center 2nd Floor, Hallway
    • Dahl Inauguration 

      Carthage Photographs (1977)
    • Dance Marathon 

      Carthage Photographs (1970)
    • "Dancing Bushmen" 

      Carthage College Art Collection; RGM; Denee, Peter; Baratta, Nanette (2013)
      Painting Depicts bushmen dancing and singing. 18" x 17 (7/8)" Donated by "Namibia: A Sociocultural Journey" - 2013, Professors Peter Denee and Nanette Baratta. Photograph #9 Lentz Hall, 3rd Floor hallway
    • Dans La Memorie 

      Nelson, Libby (2014)
    • Das Kleiningershrimer Schlops 

      Yubreort, Christoph (1977)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting a large estate that appears to be atop a hill. The estate is bordered by a brick wall, and it contains a pointed arch door, trees and shrubbery, along with a tower. 9" x 8 (3/8)" Printed ...
    • David A. Straz Jr. 

      Nyikos, Istvan (2017)
      Tempera Painting A painting depicting a portrait of David Straz Jr. He is depicted wearing a suit and tie, his right hand resting on the back of a wooden chair. Behind him, is a table, the edges of a doorway, and three ...
    • David Loy Tressler 

      Carthage Photographs (1878)
    • The DaVinci Controversy 

      Schowalter, Daniel (2004)
    • day and night 

      Matmanivong, Hong (1988)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting two sides of an island. The left side of the island appears barren and desolate, with stumps and trees bare of leaves. The right side of the island has a small pool where a white bird ...
    • Day Dreamin' 

      Grant, Dale (1981)
      Intaglio Print A print depicting an African American youth wearing sunglasses and a shirt. Reflected in the youth's sunglasses are images of the ocean, a sailboat, the sun, and a palm tree. 8" x 9" Printed by: ...
    • Daydream 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Salsieder, Paul (2016)
      Painting Depicts a young woman lying down, only her forehead, nose, eyes, and cheeks visible due to forshortening, her red dress extending out and filling up most of the top of the painting. Surrounding her is a mass ...
    • De De 

      Benson, JoDee M. (1979)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a woman wearing a hood. The woman's face and body are heavily shadowed, with her left eye, her nose, lips, and chin being the only visible parts of her face. 7" x 9" Printed by: ...
    • Decadence 

      Mosth, J. (1988)
      Lithograph Print A print depicting a woman smoking, her eyes closed and her hair loose as she throws her head back. In her left hand, she holds what appears to be several dollar bills. 13 (1/8)" x 10 (3/4)" Printed ...
    • Decay Rates of Native and Invasive Tree Species Leaves in Aquatic and Terrestrial Sites 

      Stumpfoll, Kelly Ann (2014-09-18)
      In this study, we look at the decay rates of native and invasive tree species leaves in aquatic and terrestrial environments. We also determine if invasive tree species leaves influence the decay rates of native tree species ...
    • decisive 

      Carthage College Art Collection; Boues, M. (2017)
      Silkscreen Print A colored print depicting the quote: "EVEN IF I'M COMPLETELY UNSURE, I'LL PRETEND I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT AND MAKE A DECISION." At the bottom of the print is a pair of purple sunglasses, ...
    • The Dectability of Broad Absorption Features in Echelle Spectroscopy 

      Faint, Brianna (2011-09-02)
      In  astronomical  spectroscopy,  echelle  spectrographs  are  frequently  used  due  to   several  benefits:  the  wide  wavelength  coverage  they  offer,  efficient ...
    • Deep Clean: The Deep Tunnel Project and Water Quality in Milwaukee 

      Sullivan, Sean (2013-09-20)
      The Milwaukee Deep Tunnel Project was implemented in 1994 to take in overflow from the Metro-Milwaukee sewer system after the current sewer system was deemed incapable of holding water brought in by heavy rainfall events. ...